Tuesday, March 06, 2007

Two Paintings For Today! Frida and Angel Icon

I have two paintings to share today. The first one is another in my on-going series of Frida Kahlo studies. Frida is seated in a green dress before rich scarlet draperies weighing an apple in each hand.

“We cannot tempt fate without eventually getting scorched by it”

~ ~ Ana Veciana-Suarez

Artist: Wendy Ryan
Title: Weighing the Temptation
Medium: Acrylic on Wooden Block
Size: 5 X 7 x .75 in
11 X 15 x 2 cm
Date: 2007

My second painting is a large Angel Icon painted in acrylics and liquid gold leaf on a deeply textured wooden cross. At the top of the cross I've placed a smaller clay cross embellished with a sparkling Swarovski Rhinestone. Although it may be difficult to see on your screen, the angel is painted against a deeply glowing liquid gold leaf background. It is truly a dramatic and unique piece of spiritual wall art.

"The discipline of daily devotion to God undergirds decisions."

~ Edwin Louis Cole

Artist: Wendy Ryan
Title: A Daily Devotion
Medium: Mixed Media
Size: 12 X 20 x .75 in
30 X 50 x 2 cm
Date: 2007

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