Sunday, August 24, 2008

Frida à la Klimt again!

August 24 already! My apologies to those of you who regularly visit my little blog. With the clock ticking towards Cabbagetown Art and Crafts Show, I've been spending long hours at the easel.

This piece is another in my on-going Frida à la Klimt series. I've had this one started since sometime in the mid winter, but just couldn't seem to figure out the deco design until last week. I splurged on this one and used lots of 14K gold leaf from Thailand. It is so delicate and rich; almost buttery in texture.

*All image rights reserved © Wendy Ryan *


Catherine Holman said...

Beautiful painting! Hope you have a wonderful show and that you get much needed rest afterwards!

wjcatnip said...

Thanks Cathie, long weekend coming, we should all grab a little R&R! -Wendy

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