Saturday, April 14, 2007

Long Over Due Painting For Today - Sharing A Whisper

Sharing A Whisper

Title: Sharing A Whisper
Medium: Acrylic on Wooden Block
Size: Size: 5 X 7 x 3/4 in
13 x 18 x 2 cm
Date: 2007

Where have I been? Gosh, I hope someone out there is wondering! The last few weeks have rushed by me, as usual, never enough time or energy to accomplish everything that I want or intend to do. There can't be many tasks less attractive to an artist than shipping...but I've got one ahead of me this weekend...TAXES!!! Yep, the deadline approaches and it's time to actually admit that last year was a challenging one. Hmm...let's just see, new computer, camera and oh yeah, can't forget we got a roof the week before Christmas too! So far I've surveyed my piles of receipts and concluded it costs a heck of a lot to make a little bit of money!

By the way, this little painting is part of a small collection that's soon on it's way to:

Little Cricket Gift Gallery
Maple Ridge
(604) 476-1234

I don't think the gallery has a website, but if you're in Maple Ridge BC, drop in to see some wonderful original art.

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