Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Sunflower Sunday Family Painting Commission

I realized today that I have so many new paintings completed during the last few weeks and I haven't taken the time to post them. So tonight I'm making a start by posting the painting I finished today.

It's always the best feeling when I finish a commission, send the image off to the client and they're happy... beyond happy, over the moon, delighted beyond words is my preference of course! And today was one of those happy days. From the start it was my favourite kind of commission. Lovely clients who made it clear what they like but put great trust in me and encouraged me to paint. It's a sort of portrait that portrays where this family is in their lives, who they are to each other. The figures are intended to "represent" the family members rather than "be" them. And they love Sunflowers!

1 comment:

Linny T said...

This is so beautiful. I love the colours and the expressions on their faces. Really beautiful.

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