Sunday, September 09, 2007

Michael the Angel Painting for the Day

Yikes! Another week gone by so quickly. I've been painting, daily, but have fallen so far behind in posting, it's high time to get some new work up here. I do want to mention again that my new work can be found on my website. I did a bit of quick updating this morning.

So moving on to the work:

Artist: Wendy Ryan
Title: Michael
Medium: Acrylic, metallics on Wooden Block
Size: 5 X 7 x .75 in
13 X 18 x 2 cm
Date: 2007

I've painted so many angels, and from time to time, I'm asked to interpret a male angel. I've listed this one for auction on eBay.

The next two pieces are large canvases. I just finished them yesterday. The first one is called "Midnight Ride", another in my child and horse series. It's a large piece 36 x 18 inches. It was a bit too cloudy when I took this the jpeg seems a bit darker than the actual painting.

The next one is called "Contemplative Calm", also a large piece, 24 x 36 inches and lots of texture.

Well, it's back to the easel for me. I have my last outdoor show of the season next Saturday, Old Ottawa South Art and Music Festival and have lots of work left to do.

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