Thursday, September 27, 2007

Paintings for Today Frida à la Klimt, Angel and Horse

It just could be that fall arrived last night. The heat and humidity have been replaced by cloud, a bit of drizzle and cool enough temperatures that I finally closed some windows. And as I made the morning coffee the air was filled with the honking of Canada Geese as they made their way south. Four great V Formations flew over our was so beautiful and so unmistakably Autumn.

True to my pattern, I'm behind in posting the new paintings. I've been working on a number of pieces, more angels, horses and another in my Frida à la Klimt series.

I call it "A Golden Soul". Like the previous pieces, it's textured acrylic with metallic and gold leaf.

The next painting is another in the "Dark Angel" series. This piece is large, 24 x 36 inches, lots of texture and bronze metallic.

And the last one for today is a little angel out for a ride under the stars on her great, grand steed.

As always you can find just about all my work, old and new on my website.

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