Sunday, October 28, 2007

Angels, Cameras, and Work, Work, Work!

Here I am another week has flown by and the Christmas shows are looming closer and closer on the horizon! I've been painting angels all week, and have a good start on another in my à la Klimt series. As you might recall from my last post, the impatient "all thumbs artist", that would be me, managed to injure her beloved camera. The camera returned home from the shop with new pins and memory card, good as new, or so I thought. I anxiously lined up all my finished canvases, aimed the camera carefully and click...somehow, something had happed to the shutter! Every shot was overexposed and looked more like special effects for a Halloween prank than art photos! So, the camera has returned to the shop once again. It has been a year of technical missteps for sure.

But happily, my scanner still works, so I can at least post a couple of small pieces destined for the One of a Kind show and sale in Toronto. These are both acrylic on gallery stretched canvas. The backgrounds are textured and they're shamelessly folky and romantic. The angel has a metallic gold halo. Little Swarovsky crystals sparkle in the night sky over the little girl and her red birds.

Title: Roses in the Heart

Title: All I've Seen

Well, it's back to work for me.

*All image rights Reserved © Wendy Ryan*

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