Tuesday, October 16, 2007

I just couldn't let Blog Action Day go by completely unmarked...even though I didn't post yesterday. So I thought I'd share an environmentally kind tidbit. I stumbled upon the Low Impact Woodland House several months ago while I was looking for environmentally friendly housing solutions. Who wouldn't want to live in this little parcel of heaven?

Back to my reality with a thud! It's been work, work, work since I returned from celebrating Canadian Thanksgiving with our family. I was reminded to give thanks in so many ways...including giving thanks that the two thousand dollar car repair we incurred didn't prevent our trip or cost even more...Ah the joys of free wheeling down the highway!

With Christmas shows rapidly approaching, every corner of the house is filling up with finished paintings! For more new work and show info I hope you'll drop by my website But for now here are a few of the new pieces.

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