Wednesday, December 05, 2007

Originals Christmas Show Opens Tomorrow!

The One of A Kind Show Toronto, is now history. It was an amazing show! I can't begin to describe how much talent is gathered together under one roof - visual arts, crafts, furnishings, fashion, food and everything else created by very special artisans. And if you're anywhere near Chicago, you have to go to One of A Kind , Chicago, Dec 6 - 9! I won't be there, but some of the artisans I met in Toronto were packing up for the trip to the Windy City, so it's sure to be fantastic.
I hope to post some links to some of these artists later in the month.

With my oh-so-patient and loyal hubby I will be setting up at another amazing show tonight. If you're in the Ottawa, Ontario area don't miss Originals . The show runs from Dec 6 to 16 and will be the best place to find something special and unique and of course, support the arts community.

And unbelievably, I'm in a TV commercial for the show!

It was quite an adventure to get the video crew squeezed into my tiny upstairs studio. No one but hubby, the dog and cat ever really come into my little space. I'm still asking myself "Is that really me?"...Of course, the camera must have added ten pounds and ten years...and that I really sound like that? Well, you'll just have to come out to the Originals
show to find out! At least until I figure out how to load the video on my blog...sigh, maybe after the weekend.

I had a couple of shots of most recent work still in my camera when we left last week, so thought I'd post one today.

I've been fascinated with the work of Gustave Klimt for the past few years. This piece is not intended to be dark in any way. Although the angel holds a skull mask, it is not meant to frighten, but to assure that the mystery continues beyond the temporal. Much in the way the Day of the Dead celebrates of the lives of those past, so does this piece. I’ve called this one “Be Not Afraid”.

Title: Be Not Afraid
Medium: Canvas, Acrylic, Silver Leaf
Size: Size: 18 X 36 in
46 X 92 cm
Date: 2007

The angel is positioned against a Klimt inspired Art Deco background in blue, green metallics. Her robe pattern is an homage again to Klimt. I've used plenty of texture and liquid gold leaf for her halo. This is a large dramatic painting, sure to inspire conversation no matter where it is hung!

Copyright © Wendy Ryan - All Rights Reserved


Kim McCabe said...

Such a lovely painting! I especially love your angels and the ones below in red are my new favorites! How exciting to be in a commercial, whenever I hear my voice on a video recording I find it rather strange. I sound like a chipmunk :).

Have a fabulous Christmas!

Kim McCabe
Curiouser & Curiouser Designs

Anonymous said...

Congradulations Wendy!
You work hard and earned it!
Still how exciting!
Have a wonderful next year!

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