Monday, June 09, 2008

The Day After

Well Art In The Park 2008 is now behind us. And it was a glorious weekend. While other parts of Ontario had severe storms we had mostly blue skies over head. It was incredibly hot but heck, we complained all winter about the cold and the snow, so it's time to enjoy summer.

I would have loved to take today day off to clean up my studio and maybe even relax, but there was no time for that with Beaches Art and Crafts Showthis weekend. So it was right back to my easel. And my poor hubby is the steamy hot garage right this minute building a couple more box frames for me...what a great guy.

I finished a couple of pieces to day that I had been started earlier in the year. At least I think they're finished...hmm, maybe tomorrow I'll feel differently....

I took these pics indoors so the quality isn't great. I'll have better outdoor shots tomorrow and add them to my website. And now it's time to clean my brushes and call it a day!

All image rights reserved © Wendy Ryan

1 comment:

bLu eYd YoGi said...

hi Wendy~ i love your work! I am curious if u r up for a little fun? i paint u ~ then u paint me, then we SWITCH paintings!?
i've just completed this project with 2 great artists~ check out my site & let me know if u r up 4 it!

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