Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Dogs and Mermaids

When you are awakened by the sound of your 92 pound dog throwing up on the bedroom rug you know that you should tread lightly on this day...
Matters of doggie bodily functions are left to my ever suffering husband as I have the weakest of stomachs. I can gag at the mere thought of what went on at 6:11 am!
So, I quickly sidestepped the - well, you know what - thinking my skills could be better utilized making coffee and hubby's brown bag lunch. A lovely way to avoid the doggie mess except that in my haste to exit the bedroom, I forgot my glasses, which meant that I was doing everything by touch and sound rather than by sight...the end result being a broken glass and big ol' boo boo on my right hand. I did have a moment of panic, fearing that I might not be able to hold a paint brush for a day or two. But plenty of pressure, cold water and band aids put me back together again.

So with only one sleep before we head to Toronto for the Beaches Arts and Crafts Show I've finished a few more pieces. It's already late and time for bed, so I'll just put a few up here. As always, you can see more on my website.

This one is called "A Fanciful Idea" and is at auction on eBay.

This one is called "The Gentle One".

*All Image Rights Reserved © Wendy Ryan*

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