Thursday, November 20, 2008

It's Been So Long...

It has been too long since I sat down to write anything on this blog. I've thought about it, signed in...then stared at the screen, tapped away at the keyboard and then hit "delete"...the muses had fled and abandoned me.

My days of late have been mostly spent cleaning the studio, the basement, the kitchen...A brand new year is around the corner and I want to be ready for it!

For those of you who visit my website you might remember that due to family responsibilities I made the difficult decision to cancel all my fall and winter shows. So, it seemed like a good time to run my first ever on line Christmas Studio Sale.

*All Image Rights Reserved © Wendy Ryan*


Hilary said...

I love this painting :) The expression on the cat is priceless. You are so good at capturing what they are possibly thinking :)
Keep up the amazing artwork!

wjcatnip said...

Hilary! Thank you! I just visited your "Cuddly Cats" and they are so sweet!
All the best to you !


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