Thursday, November 27, 2008

The Sale Continues!

I'm happy to say my camera is home and working again. I've just added a couple new pieces to my Christmas Studio Sale.

I had started this Madonna Icon several months ago and somehow it got tucked away out of sight. So this afternoon I added the gold leaf to her halo and with my tiny needle nosed tweezers attached all those sparkling Swarovski crystals. Although the sky was a bit dingy and overcast to get a good shot of the sparkle, this detail at least picks up the colour of the crystals.

Happy Thanksgiving to everyone celebrating today. We had our Canadian Thanksgiving back in October when it was still warm and we could still get by in sandals...seems like a long time ago now.


Daniel Benayun said...

hey sweet painting

Lisa said...

Wendy : ) I've been away and have to catch up on your blog and visit your Christmas sale : )
I was given a blog award this past week and had to pass it on to others that inspire me. You are one that inspires me : ) Please go to my blog to grab your award and read what to do next. Have a great day.

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