Wednesday, February 06, 2008

Applications and Spring Promises

Where have I been?

I've been at my desk for the last few days filling out applications and writing cheques! These are the busy days of trying to figure out a reasonable and workable show schedule for the forthcoming year. All the artisans "on the circuit" have their favourite shows and festivals. Some allow strictly wall art, some welcome just about every medium including body care, candy, chutney and jewelry. Some festivals are all about the music with a little art on the side. And every show has it's own specific set of requirements for the application process. I think it's safe to say all require a cheque and basic "tombstone" information. But after that I have to make sure I have my glasses on and read the fine print very carefully.

Naturally, all juries want to see sample of the work. Some are satisfied with a link to my website, others want only photos of a specific number and size, some accept a CD. And then they might want an artist statement, a CV, a description of the process involved in the work, and a picture or detailed description of my display.

And then come the weeks and months of waiting. Will I be juried in or receive the dreaded, "thank you for your application...we regret...and we hope you'll try again next year." Even with happy, satisfied collectors all over the world, it happens...I've been turned down. So, your ego at the door and carry on!

But in the midst of all this I got back to my paints and completed another angel on a box frame.

It was snowy and cold when I finished this one, I was dreaming of spring and called it; "I'll Promise Spring."

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