Sunday, February 10, 2008

A Windy Sunday Night

Sunday night, the wind is blowing and I'm ready for a cup of tea and my book. We never seem to get around to buying proper book shelves, so our books seem to be constantly moving...from beside the bed to the closet, to the window seat...sometimes taking a break in in the basement, but more often than not they're lent to a friend or given to our daughter...she has bookshelves. And sometimes when I'm at her house, I browse through her shelves, pick up a book that interests me and realize, that it's my book or at least was mine. We are book lovers. I'm reading two books right now, "Love in the Time of Cholera," and "The Lion, the Fox and The Eagle." I'm not sure which one I'll reach for first tonight...

And I painted this weekend. I finished two new pieces, a Frida and a Nun, both with crows and both on box frames, finished with beeswax.

Title: Is it Luck?

Title: Forever

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Austin Maloney said...

Folk art cool! Stylised yot original and fresh.


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