Monday, April 14, 2008

Originals Preparations in High Gear

Here it is already Monday, and Originals Spring Craft Sale is just a few short days away! As much as I wanted to paint, I've been organizing my work all day today, making sure each new painting is completely finished, I've signed it and it's ready to be packed up. I've been busy taking photos of the new pieces and loading up the images to my website. It's always a mad dash to the finish line!

And more excellent news has arrived, it's official, I'll be at One Of A Kind Show in Toronto next November. So many things to do before that one, including transportation and accommodations. But one day at a time. In the meantime, here's one of the paintings I'll be taking to the show this week.

It's called "Promises", done on masonite in a 12 x 24 in box frame. It's soft and romantic and makes me feel like spring has finally arrived. And even though we still have gritty old snow banks, I actually spotted some beautiful little crocuses today. Made me smile.


Judy Vars said...

She is soo pretty

wjcatnip said...

Thanks Judy! I seem to painting romantic faces again :)

Trish said...

Hi Wendy-
Is she sold? I'm interested in her...

wjcatnip said...

Hi Trish, hope you got my email. I still have this painting, and thanks so much for your interest. Talk to you soon! - Wendy

Jennifer said...

I love your pieces. They are fabulous!

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