Saturday, July 05, 2008

The Garden Pond

Somehow the week has gotten away from me. I started this post last Saturday and the clock ticked away and it remained a draft... But I'm going to go ahead and post for the next paragraph, just pretend it's Saturday.

A glorious weekend off...well, I'll still be painting, but happily, we're not packing up the car for a show! The sun is shining, no sign of rain and even the humidity and mosquitoes seem to have taken bit of a holiday. I don't often share personal photos or stories, I'm not a good photographer, nor a great writer, so the focus of this humble little blog will remain my paintings. But as I so completely enjoyed my morning coffee in the back yard, I thought I'd share a shot of my unkempt garden pond. I made the garden warrior using a hypertufa recipe I found on the interent. I poured the mixture of cement, sand, and peat moss into a plastic pail, caught it before it set and carved it using an old paring knife. He's been guarding the pond for the last four years, surviving even the harshest of winters.

So that was Saturday and now it's Tuesday and I've been painting of course, so I'll share some work with you.

This painting is called "Favourite Friends". It's a collage on gallery wrapped canvas and I've got it up for auction on eBay.

Ive been experimenting with this really cool texture paint I found at the art store. This Frida is definitely Art Deco...a bit industrial, a bit naive, maybe even a bit Nouveau.

It's also for auction on eBay .

*All Image Rights Reserved © Wendy Ryan *

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jamjar said...

Really like this painting of Frida, I thought you had used collaged paper until I looked more closely and realised the gold was painted, very effective.

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