Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Home From Hillside Festival

It always takes a day or two to come down from Hillside Festival. It's one of those special summer festivals full of great music, amazing food and friendly supportive people who stop by my tent and go home with a piece of my art. And if I'm very lucky, I'm blessed with my "Hillside Moment"...that one little treasure that I'll hold in my memory until the next Hillside comes along. And 2008 did not disappoint. This is my 2008 Hillside Moment.

Shortly after six pm on Sunday, just moments after Stuart McLean had taken the stage, the wind blew, the heavens opened, and the rain came down. I can’t remember exactly how many people took refuge in our tent, but we all hung on and prayed that it would hold tight until the storm had passed. The wind was crazy, the rain was pelting down, but it was all over in a matter of moments. The sun came out, the tent cleared, and the show went on…

It soon became time for the Aboriginal Circle to close. As the participants, including eight Tibetan monks turned to face the four corners of the world, singing and drumming, the brightest, most breathtaking rainbow you can imagine arched perfectly above the wigwam.

Everyone was snapping pictures…except me…I never seem to have my camera…but I think I prefer having this one stored away in my memory rather than a photograph...

So now it's time to return to my paints...maybe tomorrow I'll have something new to post...

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