Tuesday, November 21, 2006

Me and Tom Thomson

I'm listening to CBC news as I get my life organized for the day, no surprise here. The Canadian art buzz is all about the $934,000 price tag on Tom Thomson's Burnt Area with Ragged Rocks sold yesterday at Sotheby's auction in Toronto. If you’ve never seen an original Thomson, it's all true. His work is haunting and honest speaks of the untamed forests of Northern Ontario. He died mysteriously sometime between July 8, 1917 and July 17, presumed drowned in his beloved wilderness. He was only 39. I spent an afternoon at a Group of Seven exhibit a couple of years ago and it’s Thomson’s work that remains in my mind.
Well, I'm no Tom Thomson but I'm still painting!

Innocence And Beauty

"The innocent and the beautiful Have no enemy but time”

~ William Butler Yeats

Acrylic on Wooden Block

Size: 4 X 6 in

I painted this sweet little flower child with her arms full of roses yesterday afternoon. For some reason, I seem to be thinking more about spring than snow!

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