Wednesday, November 29, 2006

Misha, Frida and A Girl in Prayer

Her Wish
“The wish to pray is a prayer in itself.
God can ask no more than that of us. ”
~ Georges Bernanos
Acrylic on Wooden Block
Size: 4 X 6 in
10 X 15 cm
So here is my little painting for today. I painted this this little girl raising her hands in prayer in acrylics on a wee wooden block. Your painting arrives signed and ready to hang. The sides are painted black so no framing is needed.

I just had to share this shot of my ever present companion, Misha.

I haven't been very good lately about posting my work in progress. Mostly because I've been working on minis rather than large pieces. These things seem to go in cycles...but I've got a canvas almost finished so thought I'd share it tonight. It's based on a Frida portrait...I seem to be on a Frida streak these days.

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kelly said...

beautius...i dig it.
i added you tomy links, i hope
you don't mind.

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