Thursday, January 04, 2007

Family Portrait Christmas Commission Unwrapped

David's Family

I'm often asked to paint commissions of families or children. I have to admit that at first
I was so intimidated I would spend hours and hours on each one agonizing over each feature.
Even though my clients clearly understood that the painting would "represent" their family
members but certainly not be absolute likenesses, I still worried.

Happily, I've worked through this anxiety a bit and actually love receiving commissions.
This piece was completed as a Christmas present from a loving hubby to his wife.
Since today was spent on the business side of art, I thought I'd share this painting
that I had kept under wraps as a Christmas surprise.


kelly said...


the colors are amazing. they seem
to glow. i am sure the wife was
so touched by this gift

Diane Duda said...

they must have loved it. it's gorgeous!

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