Monday, May 21, 2007

Frida Unnamed Almost Finished Painting For Today

Well, if my blog looks a little different to you're right. I was doing a little routine maintenance and with my usual technical aplomb managed to delete just about everything! Yes, I know, I should have backed everything up...but I hit the "other" button first and poof!
So, with frazzled nerves, I'm posting now. I didn't have the heart to try to fix everything...maybe tomorrow.

So, on to the art. I spent today finishing up pieces that were "almost there" but not quite. I started the Frida below a few weeks ago, but it still isn't quite finished. I think I still want to add some embellishment to her hair.

So for now, it's "Frida Unnamed"

And I hope you'll check out my little Nibblefest piece on eBay.

1 comment:

catboxartstudio said...

Ooooo, what a pretty Frida painting, but then again, all of your Frida's are always so very pretty! Just found your blog too - very nice!

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