Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Forgotten Keys and Understated Sparkle

Today I experienced one of those random acts of kindness that are just so special. It was small in the grand scheme of things, but a perfect gesture. I am a "multi tasker". Most of the time I'm pretty accomplished, particularly when it comes to combining dog walking, grooming, exercise getting and postal pickup and delivery. Doggie knows at a fairly predictable time in the day, I will wash my brushes and exchange my slippers for boots and get her leash from the closet. It is naturally her favourite time of the day, so there is much Malamute howling and general excitement. It has been a snowy winter but finally, mercifully, the snow is beginning to melt. As welcome as this sign of spring is, it is undoubtedly the dirtiest time of year for the big dog owner. After much trial and error, I've discovered that the mush and slush that accumulates on her long coat, brushes out nicely if first rubbed with snow followed by a brisk raking.

So today was really no different as I struggled to grip the leash, the letters and the dog brush while I locked the door and get going. But, twenty minutes later, I realized that my hands seemed much too free and it was my keys that were missing. Yep, I had locked the door and left them in the lock! As I hurried home, it was easy to imagine a stolen car, ransacked all the embarrassment knowing that I had done a really dumb thing. And this is where I get to the random act of kindness. While I was out, I had received a postal delivery and there tucked safely and discretely behind the packages were the house keys. Thank you kind postal employee! You made my day!

And oh yeah, this is what I was painting today before I headed out on my little adventure.

It's called "Understated Sparkle" and is another in my growing collection of party girls. And she has lots of sparkle, glitter on her eyelids and little swarovski crystals on her ear rings and necklace.

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