Sunday, March 16, 2008

Infinite Variety

Yes, it's already 7:00 pm and no I didn't jot anything down for my blog before this moment...but I did tidy up my studio a wee bit, and I did paint today. I started a new angel and a Madonna on this Palm Sunday and I finished a Frida. I haven't painted many Frida pieces yet this year. This one is very folky, very sweet.

I called this one "Infinite Variety", a coupling of words I found in the introduction by Carlos Fuentes to "The Diary of Frida Kahlo". It's a marvelous introduction to her journal.


Anonymous said...

That's a wonderful painting. I loved the colors. The title, Infinite Variety is an interesting one. Thanks for sharing the pic. I love Folk Art as I find it very fascinating.

wjcatnip said...

Thanks so much, and I loved the phrase "Infinite Variety" as soon as I came across it.

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