Wednesday, March 05, 2008

How ManyMore Days Until Spring?

Last night I realized that I have paintings hung on just about every bit of wall space; they're tucked behind every door in our house, upstairs and downstairs. Even though I need plenty of inventory for Originals Spring Show and the shows that follow, I decided to spend a few hours listing these finished pieced on my various gallery sites. You can link to my galleries on the side bar on the right to get an idea of prices and sizes of my available pieces.

So, I had a few less hours available to paint today. I did finish a commission for a truly lovely collector. But since the piece is a surprise for a loved one, I won't be posting it for a while. I will share a spring inspired work in progess...perfect therapy on a day when another 27 centimetres of snow fell...and only weeks until it is officially spring!

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