Sunday, March 09, 2008

Snow and Flappers!

The Toronto Star is reporting that 52 centimetres of snow fell yesterday here in Ottawa. It just fell and fell and this is how it looked when we woke up this morning.

And finally, the sun shone and I was able to get some decent shots of my recent paintings. So, here's Adelaide, the first in a series of funky fun, party girls.

She's a bit of a flapper I think, with her black bobbed hair and long red beads.


Folk Art Paintings said...

Hi there. I think the folk art painting is wonderful. I liked the bright colors that you used. I am really enjoying spring time. It's so sunny and colorful. Thanks for sharing the beautiful images.

wjcatnip said...

I never know if I should post a reply here or on your blog or email you or send flowers or what...I need a blog protocol primer :)
What I want to say is thank you. :)

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