Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Black Madonna Painting For Today

It snowed all day today, sometimes great big fluffy flakes and sometimes more of that snow that looks almost like mist. It was beautiful light to paint by. But not the best I realized for taking pictures of my finished work. The browns are much richer than I'm seeing on my monitor. I call this Black Madonna "Divine Within." The background and halo are deeply textured and I've used gold leaf on halo.

There is a lovely woman and fantastic artist named Judy Vars. She writes a wonderful, entertaining and as I've learned, instructional blog. Her latest entries illustrate the process of "indirect painting". Her resulting paintings are gorgeous. Judy, you've almost convinced me it's time to start experimenting with oils again!

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Judy Vars said...

Hi Wendy,
Yes do a little oil painting it keeps things interesting, I love oils.
Thank you for the nice words about my blog.

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