Sunday, January 20, 2008

Nibblefest Starts Tonight!

The business journalists and the economists are talking economic gloom and doom these days, so maybe everyone needs a little art to lighten the mood. Today is the 20th, which means it's time for another round of Nibblefest on eBay. Once a month, starting on the 20th, a group of eBay artists list a piece of art they've created on an agreed upon theme. And the listings all open at $0.99. This month the theme is "two animals combined to form one." I was stymied until I started looking through one of my Frida Kahlo books and remembered a piece she had done called "The Little Deer". It is a painful piece, her own portrait complete with antlers on the body of a deer's body riddled with arrows. My little folk piece is gentler, I didn't include the arrows, but rather "framed" the piece in a border of molded clay skulls finished in a faux silver.

While browsing through the "Diary of Frida Kahlo", I came across this entry "...Tragedy is the most ridiculous thing "man" has but I'm sure that animals suffer, and yet they do not exhibit their "pain" in "theatres" neither open nor "closed"(their "homes") and their pain is more real than any image that any man can "perform" xxxor or feel as painful._________

Strangely coincidental I saw five beautiful deer while out walking the dog this afternoon. They were quite close and not the least bit startled.

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Judy Vars said...

I love your ladies one of these days one of them is mine.

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