Saturday, January 19, 2008

Opera, Angel Painting and Unfinished Frida

Even though it is Saturday and I had promised myself some time away from the computer and the easel, here I am still at it. As I've mentioned before, CBC Radio Two is my constant companion. My treat today was a broadcast of the Metropolitan Opera 1977 performance of La Boheme, staring Luciano Pavarotti and Renata Scotto. I'm a total "no nothing" in the field of opera, but as I believe Popeye the Sailor Man, that great philosopher said, "I knows what I likes." And I like opera. I love opera. I can't carry a tune and I struggled through grade school music classes, but I love opera and especially Puccini.

I remember the moment I discovered opera, in a most pedestrian way. We had taken the kids to the Festival of Fire in 1993. We had neglected to buy tickets that would provide seating, so there we were scurrying around with four kids in tow trying to find the best view of the fireworks over the Toronto waterfront. As I recall, at least one of them was crying, it was hard to find an unobstructed view, but the sky was filled with fire and the air was filled with Pavarotti and well, "friends". I was converted on the spot! I went out and bought "Pavarotti and Friends" as soon as I could. I know the whole stadium opera thing has many detractors, but for me, it worked. It wasn't long before I had graduated to listening to Pavarotti sans "friends". And one of these days I will make it to the Four Seasons Centre and maybe even the Met, but for now, I have to be satisfied with Saturday Afternoon At the Opera on the radio.

Well, I guess I should talk about the "other" art - painting. I'm working on a couple of Frida à la Klimt pieces, one large, one small. I hope to have at least one finished tomorrow, but here they are in progress.

And I managed to finish an angel painting...

It's called "The Dreams of Angels, is on 15 x 30 inch canvas and as you may be able to see had plenty of texture and metallic copper and gold.

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