Wednesday, January 09, 2008

Yes, I'm A Daily Painter

As seems to be the case, as soon as I open my blog, I'm stricken with writer's cramp. No matter what my best intentions are, I usually post my blog too near the end of the day and every even remotely interesting thought that I might have had has long since fled my consciousness. So I'll just go ahead and post my work. I finished the Frida I had started on Monday and have another Frida that I think is finished...I might add a flower or two to her dress, but I want to leave it for a day or two to think about it. All of these shots were done indoors with "night portrait" setting so the picture quality is low, but at least confirms I have indeed been at my easel.

I've used texture medium and a faux bronze finish to create a "frame". I like the contrast with the teal background.

And here's the Frida from Monday, finished I think...

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