Monday, January 14, 2008

Fair Madonna, Taking A Chance

I'm especially out of words tonight so will just get on to my work. It was a day for finishing a couple of pieces that had been started and left alone for a day or two. I finished another small canvas using the faux copper texture to create a "frame". I was listening to a folk roots singer on CBC by the name of Amelia Curran I liked her music and her name, so I called this little piece "Amelia".

And I got a bit of a start on a nice big canvas, another one reflecting my love of the work of Jean Paul Lemieux. We'll see where it goes.

And I'm still taking that grand leap of faith, listing my work on eBay with low opening bids. I've got my fingers crossed for this one. It's called "Purity In Faith"; this time I painted the Madonna with the fairest of skin, blue eyes and blond hair, quite different than my usual dark haired depiction.

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