Tuesday, October 03, 2006

Madonna and A Mop

Another busy day today, too much of it spent at the computer, packaging and shipping, followed by those very ungodess-like domestic chores that involve a mop, cleaning products and elbow grease!

But there was time to get a shot of the latest Madonna painting. It's so difficult to get a sense of the gold background in a jpeg. I first applied a texture with a repeating pattern of fleur de lis in her halo and around the outside of the piece. I used the texture paint again to create the diagonal diamond design for the rest of the background. When this was dry I covered the whole background with liquid leaf. I experimented with different shades of gold, but finally decided that staying with one shade was most effective.

And now it's off to walk the dog!

* All image rights reserved copyright © Wendy Ryan*


Anonymous said...

I always love to see your paintings. They are just wonderful, and in my style! I love this madonna you made. Very nice to see how you build up the painting.
Another Madonna of you hangs here, in Amsterdam, the NL.
Wendy, keep up the good work and never let the spirit die.

wjcatnip said...

Ella!!! what a lovely note to read. thank you so very, very much! My
husband was in the NL two weeks ago for a short business trip. He
brought back delicious chocolates and that salty Dutch licorice that I absolutely adore!

All the best to you!

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