Tuesday, October 10, 2006

Thanksgiving In The Country

Thanksgiving weekend at home with family, what could be sweeter than that...Nothing, unless you're staying in the country and something goes amiss with the septic system. It could have been worse, I suppose…apparently what backed up and into the basement bathroom was not actually the nasty stuff in the septic tank…it was “gray water”, which will mean something to those of you on septic systems. What I can tell you is, it still smells, took hours to clean up and much head scratching over the cause of and remedy for the problem. Ah…life in the country.

But I’m home again now and hopefully back to regular painting and posting. In keeping with my own little Thanksgiving theme the picture above a collection of my mini paintings that is proudly hung…you guessed it, in a bathroom!

*all image rights reserved Wendy Ryan*

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